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Producing quality horses for the future

Dedication | Determination | Drive

The Horses


ivanShowname: Ivanhoe
Stable Name: Ivan

Birth Year/Colour: 2014/Grey/
 Marome NW X Indorado

Ivan is a big scopey and powerful horse. He was brought in April 2017 from Sapphire horses unbroken. He has a very trainable brain and excellent attitude towards his work. He's out at shows jumping DC in the novice classes and showing lots of potential for the future. He will be aimed at 5yo classes for 2018. A horse we are very excited about.




jino1Showname: Jinostar
Stable Name: Jino

Birth Year/Colour: 2014/
 Harley VDL x Quick Star mare

Raw, straight off the farm and practically wild. Jino will be broken in and aimed to start competing in 2018.





justin3Showname: Justin
Stable Name: Justin

Birth Year/Colour: 2014/

Raw, straight off the farm and practically wild. Justin will be broken in and aimed to start competing in 2018.





image1Showname: Itsaloma
Stable Name: Itsy

Birth Year/Colour: 2013/
 Arizona X Chuck

Itsaloma was bought in December 2016 from the Brightwells Addington Auction. This lovely mare ticked every box for us. She impressed us in loose jumping presentation with her scopey and careful jump. She has an amazing technique and looks to die for. She had just started jumping under saddle and we look forward to taking her out to some shows in 2017.





Hippo B

image2Showname: Hippo B
Stable Name:
Birth Year/Colour:

Hachi is like a puppy dog. He's a real character. He is the biggest horse on the yard currently standing at 17hh but it's a gentle giant. He's competed up to newcomers this year as a 5yo. He is a long term project but we believe he has all the potential to be a top Grand Prix horse in the future.




Heathrow JetShowname: Heathrow
Stable Name: Jet
Birth Year/Colour: 2007 Bay
Gender: Gelding
Breeding: Action-Breaker

Succesfully jumping 1.50m

Heathrow is a talented horse with a lot of blood and quality. After being slowly produced we are very excited for 2017, as he will be of age and have the experience to take on the top level of competition and show his true potential. My aim will be to concentrate on Area Trials and International Stairways.

Vogue III

Showname: Vogue III
Stable Name: Vogue
Birth Year/Colour: 2002 Bay
Gender: Mare
Breeding: Inductro

Successfully Jumped up to 1.45m-1.55m. Vogue is happily retired and will be used to breed from.

Vogue really does live up to her name, she is a typical lady. Her stable is always spotless and she doesn't like to get her hooves dirty.  She's a very sweet, caring, tactile, loving mare and a real competitor. Quiet as a mouse in the stable but really comes alive in the ring. She know's her job and is a true superstar! 

Vogue has successfully represented Great Britian on two Young Rider Nation Cups teams, Qualified for HOYS and Olympia.


Cord Showname: Catapult
Stable Name: Cord/Buddy
Birth Year/Colour: 2005 Bay
Gender: Gelding
Breeding: Concorde

Successfully jumping 1.45m-1.55m. Proven track record in all age classes.

Cord is definitely the character of the yard. He likes to be the centre of attention. When people dont pay attention to him he bangs the door constantly until he gets a reaction or food. He’s everybody's friend hence the stable name Buddy.

Catapult has successfully competed in the International Stairways series, Area Trials and has qualified for HOYS and Olympia.


Stable Name: Chief
Birth Year/Colour:
1997 Skewbald/Piebald
Sex: Gelding
Shire x Cob

Chief is the yard's family pet, he’s a gentle giant. Been used as a riding school horse at Sparsholt College so he is a real schoolmaster. 

He is now mainly used for educating the young ones out in the field or happy hacking and the odd lesson.